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This summer in Spain there was news about the appearance of a crocodile in Valladolid, the Police and the Civil Guard looked for the animal for several days, finally they said it was just an otter. The following text is a parody on the subject:

The Pisuerga crocodile receives us covered in gold after his Erasmus in Valladolid.
“When I returned to the Nile, everyone started treating me as an influencer, I threw away all my Lacoste shirts and signed with Swarovski for the Christmas campaign”, explained the crocodile, “I thank all the Police, the Civil Guard and the drone that chased me for giving me this chance to be famous ”said the popular reptile who now is posing for this publication.
He also declares that he hates otters; "They wanted to steal the credit of my appearance in the river, they are always bothering."

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